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Welcome to Smartrak's Customer Self Help 

Smartrak's Customer Self Help portal is designed to provide customers with all the information they need to set-up, use, maintain and manage the Smartrak system regardless of what role they play in the process.  

Please locate your topics based on your role and what you are trying to achieve or go to Self Help Full Contents for an overview of all topics covered in this portal.  

For system status and updates subscribe to the relevant status page below:

Please note these pages can be shared with your users as they are publicly available, more end user content will be moved here over time. 

                Getting Started 

    PoolCar Booking Demo Videos

General Users

Pool Officer

PoolCar Pool Manager

                     Service Desk

                     Smartrak Admin

                         Smartrak Map User

                    Smartrak Pool Booking Admin 

                 Smartrak Pool Booking User

                       Smartrak Fleet Servicing 

                     PoolCar Booking

                        Health & Safety

To raise a Support Ticket, order a new unit, or request assistance in any way, please contact us here via the Service Desk

We will endeavour to assist you as soon as possible.