Getting Started

Great to have you onboard with Smartrak, welcome!

In order to get you started with Smartrak you would have received an email asking you to complete two spreadsheets;  User details with chosen user name and a Vehicle details list.  Hopefully you have already returned these to Smartrak and we have set you up in the system.  The email would have also provided Vehicle Installation guidelines and an Installer will be in touch with you soon, if they haven't already.

Next you should receive a welcome email prompting you to setup a password for both the Smartrak Admin & Smartrak App sites.  The links to each site are listed below by the country our company resides and we recommend bookmarking these links.

Smartrak Admin 

The Admin system enables companies to undertake a large number of administrative tasks themselves; from editing, creating and deleting users/resources, to resetting user passwords, granting permissions and managing your health & safety alerting requirements

Smartrak App

The App site allows you to track your resources location, view history, generate reports and many other tasks.

Here is a handy matrix showing what actions are completed in the different systems


Smartrak Admin

Smartrak App


Service Desk


Smartrak Admin

Smartrak App


Service Desk

Create & Manage Users





Create & Manage Groups





Create & Manage Permissions





Manage Resource Details





Manage Driver ID





Create & Manage Alert Recipients 





Create & Manage Attributes





Admin Reporting





View User History





View Unit History





Map Asset Export





Manage Fuel Stops





SUDO into App User Account





View Resources in Map





View Resource History





Acknowledge & Clear Emergency Alerts





Create & Manage Geofences





Create & Manage Map Tags





Utilisation Reporting





Behaviour Reporting





Location Reporting





View the Dashboard





Manage Compliance Services





Create & Manage other services





Booking Vehicles in for service





Create and Manage Graphs





Help with functionality





User guides





New install/swap/revisit/deinstall





Support for issue





Recommended Next Steps 

Service Desk

  • Create a Jira Account - this is required in order to raise Service Desk requests 

Smartrak Admin 

Smartrak Map User

Smartrak Fleet Servicing

Smartrak Reporting

By going back to Self Help home page and clicking on the roles listed you are able to work through each role and section in more detail.

If you are unable to find the information you require please contact Smartrak via our Service Desk.

Getting Started Topics 

Getting Started Topics 

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