How to Create a Map Tag

Determine when vehicles stop within a tagged area and how long they’ve stopped for.  This is useful for keeping track of the number of hours spent at a job site or at a supplier.

A map tag is a point of interest placed on a map.  Once placed, reports can be run to determine which vehicle visited and how long it was stopped within that zone.

The Map Tag can provide past stops information. i.e. stops before the Map Tag was placed on the map.

Creating a Map Tag

Creating a Map Tag

Log into the Smartrak Map site (NZ or AU)

Navigate to Add a Map Tag






Select the location on the map that you wish to tag or right click on that location with your mouse

Name the map tag and record any important details about the map tag

Select a desired icon for the map tag

Select the appropriate radius (this is very important as when it comes time to report on this map tag, this radius must include where a vehicle would stop if at this location)

Select Shared to share within organisation



Once the map tag has been created, reporting on this map tag can be undertaken retrospectively. Data is available from the date that the AVL units are installed in any vehicles referenced in the report, or 913 days, whichever is shorter.

The Map Tag Zone Report provides information on whenever a vehicle has stopped within a map tag zone for more than 2 minutes. See below for reported information.

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