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Smartrak's Development team are continually working on changes & new feature requests from our User Community. All changes, new features and improvements are communicated through our Release pages;

Outage & Outage Notifications

What are outage notifications?

Smartrak’s system will occasionally require maintenance and updates to continue to deliver our high quality of service and to roll out new features to the system. In order to perform this maintenance and updates we occasionally will have scheduled outages on the system.

We also have hardware that operate using 3rd party networks for communication and data transmission, that can suffer from diminished services or outages that can affect the operation of hardware and its communication with our system. An example of these are satellite and cellular networks that our Health & Safety hardware, AVLs and OBD-II devices utilise to communicate.  To ensure our customers are informed of the operational status of our services, we provide the service of outage notification pages and email notifications (when subscribed).  Smartrak recommends all Level 1 Support contacts are subscribed to updates to ensure they are up to date with any outages that may impact upon their staff and operations.

How to subscribe to Outage Notifications emails

How to subscribe to Outage Notifications emails

  • Click on the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the top right hand corner

  • Input your email address and click "Subscribe"

  • Confirm your subscription by clicking the link "Confirm subscription" button

  • Clicking on the link will open a page in your web browser taking you to the status page for your country and will include a notification bar at the top stating “Great! Your email is now subscribed to Smartrak *Country*.

  • The main notification bar provides the overall status of our system e.g. All Systems Operational.  This should be your first point of reference when checking on service status.

  • The table underneath the main notification bar highlights all the components of the Smartrak system and their status. Often outages will only affect only parts of the system and this will highlight those that have been affected.

  • Beneath the system components will be a list of Future and Past Incidents. This will have more detail surrounding the incidents. This is where you should check for any forthcoming planned outages.

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