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All vehicles that run on a fuel that does not have an excise at the pump (e.g. diesel), or weigh more than 3.5 tonnes, are subject to road user charges (RUC) but if a vehicle is working off-road a RUC Refund can be claimed. Please note that this is for vehicles that are tracked with Smartrak’s AVL device. OBD-II devices are not currently supported for RUC.

New RUCOR Claim Form - December 2020

  • The Off-road customer number can now be 9 or 10 digits long, they were previously limited to 9 digits.

  • There is a new checkbox for customers who are claiming their first off-road claim. This is required to be checked if it is the customer's first time claiming a RUC licence.

  • There is an address field that is used when the customer is a first-time claimant or they have they do not know their customer number.

  • There is now a field for the bank name and account number. The account number must be 15 digits long (as the form only has 15 spaces).

  • We have also added blue question marks that display pop-over information about the data required.


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