Draft - 4G Keyless Entry and PoolCar

What is it?

Smartrak’s new 4G Keyless Entry model is replacing the legacy 3G Rollin Keyless model.

The new model has all new 4G technology alongside an advanced version of the CAN-CONTROL which unlocks / mobilises and locks / immobilises the vehicle.

The Keyless solution is installed/wired into a compatible vehicle and linked to a vehicle record in the Device tab of the PoolCar Asset Register.


Configration Via PoolCar

  • From the Asset Register page, the Sysadmin can configure the bookable asset with Keyless in the Device tab of the PoolCar Asset Register (This step comes after the hardware installation is done)

  • The Sysadmin can select from a drop down list the Keyless Entry Unit Type (it should be Smartrak for 4G Keyless Entry)

  • Also, the Sysadmin must add the Keyless Entry Unit ID in the assigned field


How it works - Admin

  • Through the same page, the Sysadmin admin can LOCK & iMMOBILISE and UNLOCK & mObILISE the vehicle remotely.

Asset Register > Device tab > Keyless Device
  • Note that this page is not accessible to general users and is for Sysadmins and Pool Managers only (application settings dependant).

  • The Sysadmin can add a tag, such as “Keyless,” to make it easier for normal users to make Bookings using Keyless vehicles. This could be done from the Asset Register > Bookings > Keywords tags



Make a New booking in PoolCar

General users create a new booking on the Keyless-enabled vehicle in PoolCar

  • Open the New Booking Calendar (via New Booking or Booking Calendar)

  • From the Advanced search options, the user can go to the keyword tags and select the keyword that the Sysadmin defined to tag the Keyless vehicles to view the available resources.

Existing Bookings

  • Open an existing booking for the vehicle by clicking on it

  • This is not limited to an in-progress/future booking. Any booking that already exists on the calendar will suffice

  • Open the Telematics tab, revealing the options for remotely unlocking/locking a vehicle

Check out

To check the vehicle out, the general user logs in to either the PoolCar App or the Mobile Enabled Website, locates their booking and checks out the booking (unlock and check out / unlock doors).


Check in

To check the vehicle in, the general user leaves the keys in the agreed place inside the vehicle, logs into the PoolCar App or Mobile Enabled Website and checks in (locks / immobilises) the vehicle to complete their booking and lock/immobilise the vehicle.


There are a couple of situations where the Keyless solution will not work.

  1. If a vehicle battery is flat - if there is no power to the vehicle, there is no power to the unit or the relay/can control device to unlock and mobilise the vehicle

  2. If the vehicle is outside of network coverage - if there is no One NZ/Telstra Australia coverage, then the messaging will not be sent to unlock/mobilise the vehicle

What next?

The R&D team are working on additional functionality for the Keyless device with BlueTooth support still to come. This will solve the second issue above with the vehicle being out of network coverage.