Reporting on off-road RUC (RUCOR) Claim

If an NZTA RUC Audit Claim Officer requests a report on your RUCOR claim, please follow the instructions below

Reporting on RUC Claim if requested by RUC Claim Officer

Reporting on RUC Claim if requested by RUC Claim Officer

  • Log into the Smartrak Map (NZ only)

  • Select the Fleet Servicing module


In Fleet Servicing, on the left hand side menu under RUC, select RUCOR Claim

Locate the Resource/RUC licence in question.

  • The licence report will be under the "Claimed" Progress drop-down.

Select the first icon to ‘Download this RUC licence’s report in Excel format’

This will download the selected RUC licence in Excel format. 

The information in this report is how NZTA RUC Audit Officers investigate the offroad claim.


At the bottom of the spreadsheet there is a daily summary with the Claimable Percentage and totals at the bottom of this.

Save and attach the report to an email and send to RUC claim officer

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