How to claim off-road RUC (RUCOR) via Smartrak Fleet Servicing

Off-road RUC (RUCOR) claim


Off-road RUC (RUCOR) claim


  • Log into the Smartrak Map (NZ only)

  • Select the Fleet Servicing module




In Fleet Servicing, on the left hand side menu under the heading RUC, select RUCOR Claim

Select all vehicles by checking the small box to the left of the Resource heading

  • Make sure to filter by Unclaimed licences 

  • If there is more than one page of claimable licences, then select 'View all' first before selecting all the vehicles, otherwise you will only be selecting those licences on the first page

  • Select ‘Get RUCOR Claim form for selected licences’

The ‘Things to do before claiming’ form will appear

Please note:

Before submitting this claim you must verify that the distances and information it shows are accurate and complete as it is your responsibility to make sure that the information contained in the form is correct.

Click the download icon beside each licence to see a report on the distance travelled offroad for that licence. If the distance travelled offroad is larger than expected do not apply for a refund for the licence, instead contact Smartrak via the service desk who will ensure the faulty data is removed so you can claim the correct distance.


  • Scroll down and enter the following details into the form:

    • Customer number (optional, blank for 1st claim, NZTA will issue on first claim)

    • Phone number

    • Reason code / Industry – select a reason code/industry from the drop down box e.g. Other Agriculture

    • Description of travel e.g. Technicians travelling to rural properties for maintenance

    • Records to validate - GPS Tracking

    • Business address (if you are a first time claimant)

    • Bank account name

    • Bank account number

  • Select ‘Download RUCOR Claim form and mark licences as claimed’

Please note the ‘Records of off-road travel’ section, from the NZTA form.


The RUCOR Claim form will generate

This will create a PDF document which needs to be downloaded. Then you can print, sign and send or email to NZTA.


Here are the address details to email or post the completed RUCOR claim form to:



As it is vital to mark the licences as claimed as this could result in duplicate claims being submitted to NZTA. We have now automated this process so it is not missed.

If you need to supply the individual licence details to NZTA for an audit, please follow the RUCOR Claim Reporting guide.



If you are unable to find an answer to your question in here please log a support request via the Smartrak Service Desk 


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