How do I create a order for Mobility (PoolCar, Keymaster, Keyless)?

  • Raise a order request with Smartrak by using the online Service Desk

  • Requests are directly logged to and managed by Smartrak’s Customer Support Team from here

How do I create a request?

How do I create a request?

  • First you will need to download this file and fill in the fields for your request.

  • Log in to the Service Desk using your email address and the password you have set.

  • Determine the nature of your request and select the appropriate option (For this request, you would select PoolCar)


  • As you would like to order something, select Mobility Purchasing.

  • You will then be taken to the Mobility Purchasing form.

  • Go to the link at the top of the page to download the form

    • This will need to be filled in, the CSD number at the top of the form is for our reference only.

  • You then need to fill the form out

    • Country

    • Company

    • Name

    • Contact number

    • Shipping location

    • Attach the completed form from above

    Please ensure the form is attached to the ticket

  • Click on 'Send' to have request logged.

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