Saving a Screen Print to My Request

  • Our Customer Support Team may ask you to upload a screen print to the Support Request. This enables us to see what you are seeing and helps us to diagnose the issue you are experiencing.

Saving a Screen Print to My Request
  • Go to the page that displays the problem at hand.

  • Press 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard
    1. generally displayed as PrtScn/Print Screen (or similar)
      1. normally on the top row towards the right
      2. sometimes at the bottom to the right of the space bar

        NOTE: If the key is dual function you may have to press Alt to complete the task

  • Open your word processing program (Microsoft Word) and paste the contents of your clipboard into a Word File and save.

  • Log into the Service Desk and locate the CSD ticket you want to add the file to.

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