Organisations in Service Desk

Organisations in the Smartrak Service Desk

Organisations in the Smartrak Service Desk

  • Setting up an Organisation in Jira can be a good way for you to have access to other users' tickets within your company and therefore have visibility over the support tickets for your entire fleet.

  • A user can be added to multiple different organisations and users can individually manage what they can see and create and if other members of the Organisation get access to your tickets

  • If you are assigned to 2 organisations you can choose which organisation you can share the ticket with, or if you only have 1 setup, you can choose to share or not share the ticket

  • Once an organisation has been selected you can search tickets by organisation. This will allow everyone in that organisation to see every ones tickets


  • When a ticket is created by someone in your organisation an email is sent confirming the creation of the ticket.

  • Also, when another user comments on the ticket, a notification is also emailed out to those in the organisation

  • If you are not getting notifications see this self help article

  • If you currently do not have organisations in our service portal login and you would like us to create a organisation for you, so that all people in your team who need to see a ticket then please create a ticket in our Service Desk requesting this

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