Map Tours & Overview

The Smartrak Map Site enables users to have full visibility of their fleet and assets via their workstation or mobile device. 

The Smartrak Map has 9 interactive built in tours to help you learn about the system.

  • Log onto the Map site and hover over Menu and click Tours

The tours include;

  • Map controls - how to navigate the map

  • User interface - learn what all the buttons other elements on the map do

  • Centering on a vehicle - how to quickly zoom straight to the location of a resource

  • History mode - all about viewing a resource's history in History Mode

  • History search - how to search for history events in a certain area

  • Map directions - how to get directions from one place to another place using the map

  • Geofences - how to manage geofences

  • Map tags - how to manage map tags

  • Bookmarks - how to manage bookmarks

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