Smartrak Alerting Overview

Through the Smartrak Admin site, there are multiple types of Alerts to help you manage your resources;

Two examples of alerting types are:

  • Geofence Alerts - Smartrak provides alerting geofences so you know when a vehicle enters or exits a particular area.

    • These alerts can be sent by email or text message.

    • Typical uses are to alert an interested party when a vehicle has entered a prohibited area or arrived at a certain location.

  • Emergency Alerts - Several Smartrak products can trigger an emergency alert to the Smartrak map and designated recipients e.g. a vehicle with an AVL can trigger an emergency alert through HIR (High Impact and Rollover) or a personal locator. 

    • When raised, an alert is displayed on the Smartrak map and sent by email, SMS, or both to designated alert recipients if configured.

    • The Customer may designate as many recipients as required.

    • The Smartrak map also shows the alert and GPS position of the device carrier. 

    • Alert recipients engage in their organisation’s emergency procedures

All Alerts are managed through the Alert section in Smartrak Admin. If you do not see the alert type that you require, please raise a ticket in the Smartrak Service Desk

Managing Alerts Self Help Topics

Managing Alerts Self Help Topics

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