Geofence Alerting - creation and management

If your company is set up for alerts on geofence entry or exit, then this screen shows you how to create and edit recipients.

If your company does not have alerting geofences and you would like this functionality, please discuss your needs with the Support Team by raising a request via the Smartrak Service Desk

Alerting geofence created


Here is the guide for creating a new geofence -

Once Smartrak has enabled the alerting geofence type for your organisation, navigate to Smartrak App, create a new geofence and ensure you assign the correct class to the geofence,

Will alert like an emergency on the map and will allow you to set up alert notifications (email or SMS):

  • Alert on Enter

  • Alert on Exit

  • Alert on Enter or Exit

Will allow you to set up email abor SMS notifications but will not alert on the map like an emergency:

  • Email on Enter

  • Email on Exit

  • Email on Enter or Exit







You can check on the different classes of geofences you have by hovering over Menu > Geofences in Smartrak app


Creating Geofence Email alerts


  • Log into the Smartrak Admin site (NZ or AU)

  • Go to Alert > Recipients 

  • Select the Create tab to create new recipients or select Manage to update current recipient details or remove recipients

  • To assign alerts, select Assign on the left hand menu 

  • Select Alert Recipient
    Select Alert Type
    Select the Resource/Remote to receive the alert (SMS Alert and/ or Email Alert)
    Save to update changes






To confirm Alerts are set up correctly, select View Alert Assignment


By Recipient – Select Alert Recipient and all alert types and remotes will be listed

By Remote – Select Resource and all alert types and recipients will be listed

Example screen shots of geofence alerts


Example of a geofence entry into an alerting geofence will look like on the map.

The map will act like it does with any emergency alert and will centre on the location of the event and the resource will flash and alarm.

Geofence Exit Email includes the following information:

  • Resource

  • Company

  • Time - date and time

  • Address (including latitude and longitude)

  • Alert information - includes the geofence in question

Geofence Exit Text includes the following information, comma separated

  • Alert type

  • Vehicle name

  • Company name

  • Date

  • Year

  • Time

  • Address

  • Geofence name









  • If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please log a support request via the Smartrak Service Desk


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