How to create and manage SMS and Email Alerts

Keeping remote and traveling staff safe by having the ability to activate emergency alerts. Provides real-time location and status information.

Smartrak allows you to create new and manage existing alerts and alert recipients.

Alerts are managed via the Smartrak Admin site ( or

Existing Map and Admin users are not automatically made into Alert recipients. This means that you will need to add Alert recipients as needed. This also means you can add Alert recipients for people who are not in the Smartrak system.

Please note that Smartrak does not currently charge for SMS messages, but reserves the right to on-charge costs for situations where SMS alerts go out of control.


Information - What, who and how…

Information - What, who and how…

When an emergency alert is activated who and how will they receive the alerts.

These alerts are in addition to the alert that appears on the map screen. See How do I deal with Emergency Alerts?

It is important to have an action plan for your organisation around what happens when alerts are received;

  • Who will receive the alerts

  • How will they receive the alerts

  • What will they do when they receive the alert

  • What will they do when they make contact (i.e. clearing the alert)

  • What will they do if they cannot make contact with the alerter

Alerts can be received from:

  • Personal locator buttons

  • Lone worker alarms

  • Emergency duress buttons

  • After a High Impact or Rollover event if the High Impact and Rollover alert feature (HIR or HIROS) is enabled for your resources  - more info here

  • Geofence entry or exit or both

  • Low Battery 

  • Activity outside of geofence (Proof of activity is a feature provided at an additional cost)

  • Device tamper (this is specifically for Remora devices)

Step One: Alert Type must be enabled by Smartrak

If the required Alert Type is not showing in Smartrak Admin, please raise a ticket in the Service Desk and Smartrak will enable

Alert Types can include:

  • Activity Outside Geofence

  • Device Tamper

  • Emergency Alert

  • Geofence Enter Alert

  • Geofence Enter Email

  • Geofence Exit Alert

  • Geofence Exit Email

  • Logon Timeout Alert

  • Low Battery

  • Significant Force (High Impact and Rollover)

  • Temperature Alert

Step Two: Log into the Smartrak Admin Site, select Alert in the left hand menu.

Step Three: Create alert recipient

Recipients tab - Create a new Recipient including their Mobile Number and /or Email 

Enter Mobile Number if you want to assign SMS notifications to recipient. The recipient will need to provide SMS Verification Code to activate this feature.

For Email notifications, enter the recipient’s e-mail address.

click CREATE

To remove the recipient i.e. when a recipient leaves your organisation, select them from the drop down list in the Manage tab and click on Delete Recipient (note that you will need to unassign the alerts before you are able to delete the recipient)

Step Four: Assign alerts to recipients

Assign tab - Select the Alert Recipient and the Alert Type and confirm SMS and/or Email Alert & click SAVE

(To remove the assignment against a recipient i.e. when a recipient leaves your organisation, remove the tick and select SAVE)

Step Five: View Alert Assignment tab

View by Resource or Recipient - check all alerts are set up to go to the correct recipient – this is the final check

NOTE: If you are an alert recipient/have the authority to call a Personal Locator - If your workforce carry Personal locator devices (with voice), whitelisted numbers must not have the caller ID blocked (private number) - landline or mobile.

Blocked caller ID numbers will be unable to call the device in the event of a duress alarm.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question in here please log a support request via the Smartrak Service Desk 



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