Vehicle Attributes

What is an Attribute?


An attribute is a piece of information held against a vehicle appearing in the resource information box shown by selecting a resource on the map in Smartrak App (identified in screen shot below) and reported on in the Smartrak Admin Vehicle Details Report.


There are two parts to an attribute: the attribute name and the attribute value. The attribute name is the description of the attribute, e.g., Vehicle Cost Centre. The attribute value is the value of the attribute, e.g., 2467925.  Attributes are used widely in the system to identify various pieces of vehicle-based information and can be used for vehicle assets, and for dedicated vehicles, driver skills, contact details as well as escalation contacts for emergency alerting procedures.

How do I create a new attribute?


  • Log into the Smartrak Admin site (NZ or AU)

  • Navigate to Other > Attributes

  • You must create the attribute name first e.g. Vehicle Cost Centre

Once the attribute name has been created you can add an attribute value e.g. 2467925

Can I import attributes in bulk?


Yes, but the attribute names need to have been created first.

You can upload attribute values using the Bulk Import tab & download the example spreadsheet (.csv file type) and fill with details.

The remote name or rego can be used to identify resources in the file.

Columns should be named:

Rego or Resource name

Attribute Name 1 (e.g. Vehicle Cost Centre)

Attribute Name 2 (Escalation Contact)


How do I update/delete existing attributes?


If an attribute name needs to be updated, you can update this using the Manage Names tab, just type in the new name and click on update, or click delete to remove the name

    - Note: To delete an attribute name, it must first be removed as an attribute for all vehicles. The page will display an error if it is still associated with a vehicle

If you need to update/manage attribute values, you can do this on the Manage Values tab, you enter in the new Value for each Attribute name and click on update

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