How do I create a request?

How do I create a request?

How do I create a request?

  • Determine the nature of your request and select the appropriate option. Fleet and Asset (was General) or PoolCar are the most likely options. Unless you are an employee of Fonterra (Smart Milk Fonterra) or have a Security Monitored device (Monitored Line Updates).


  • Complete the fields and enter as much information as possible to help us better assist you with your request. Note, fields with a ref asterix are mandatory.

  • Note for unplanned maintenance requests

    Important information to provide Smartrak for an efficient resolution

    • Registration Number

    • Local contact person for the technician to talk to

    • Local contact phone number

    • Location of Vehicle

    If your company has High Impact and Rollover you will then need to navigate to this instructional page to disable the functionality, once the installer has revisited it will automatically become enabled again

    How to disable High Impact and Rollover for maintenance work

  • Click on 'Send' to have request logged.

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